Pacific Pink Shrimp

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These petite pink shrimp are caught sustainably by local West Coast fishermen in the deep, cold ocean waters off the coasts of Oregon and Washington and are canned in Coos Bay, OR.

The delicate clean and crisp flavor make these perfect for salads, appetizers and shrimp cocktails.

Ingredients: Pacific Pink Shrimp, water, sea salt and citric acid (to prevent browning).

MSC certified and packed in non-BPA cans.

For a true Oregon Shrimp Cocktail, combine ketchup and horseradish and add to one drained can of Pacific Pink Shrimp.

Please note that these are approximately 2 oz. (drained weight) shrimp per can and packed in water (with citric acid) to prevent browning. Drain before serving.

Cases are 24 cans. Half cases are 12 cans.

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9 reviews for Pacific Pink Shrimp

  1. Robert Pinkerton

    Goes great with the Dungeness Crab on a seafood salad.

  2. tghansen

    Great for addition to any Dish…

  3. Lisa Cullen

    better than expected…so good on a salad!


    Really enjoyed this on salads!

  5. Karen Evich

    Love this product so much I bought another case, but in the 3 cans I have opened thus far I have received 1.7, 1.8 and 1.7 oz of product. The can is for 4 oz. The last case was not this way

  6. Robin Robbins

    Tasty little shrimp that make a great shrimp salad.

  7. Sharla Strong

    Our whole family loves the shrimp. Great eating by themselves, in salads or additions to recipes. The quality can’t be beat. SUPPORT LOCAL!!

  8. Daniel Wallaert

    Love the Pacific Pink Shrimp(all the other products too)Makes thee best Shrimp omelet add some cheese, slice of avocadoCanned has great flavor & texture better than frozen and a good shelf life for in my pantry to still enjoy in a post apocalyptic world


    So delicious and sweet! We love these in quesadillas or on top of homemade quacamole!

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