Shrimp Nutrition Information

In staying true to our sustainable seafood practices, we use only sustainably caught pink shrimp caught in the Pacific Northwest in our canned shrimp products.

Like all of the products we sell, shrimp are packed fully of healthy nutrients.

Pink Shrimp Nutritional Information*

For 100 gram serving (3.5 oz) raw, edible portion

Calories                                  92.0
Calories from fat                        9.0
Protein grams                          19.4
Fat grams                                 1.0
Saturated fat grams                   0.1
Sodium milligrams                        -
Cholesterol milligrams                   -
Omega-3grams                          0.2

*Source:  The Advanced Seafood Handbook.  Seafood Business, Publisher, Rockland, MA, 1992.

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