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"A good fisherman is one who takes good care of his catch and protects the resources of the sea for those to come." -Captain Herb

At Oregon's Choice Gourmet, we are committed to offering seafood excellence: high-quality, sustainable seafood that benefits not only your health but also the health of our oceans. Our ethos is encapsulated in the wisdom of Captain Herb, our visionary founder. This philosophy guides every aspect of our operations, ensuring that we provide not just seafood, but a legacy of care and sustainability.

The Story of Oregon's Choice

Our story began in 1977 with Captain Herb Goblirsch and his vessel, the F/V EZC, setting sail from a small fishing community along the Oregon coast. Amidst a market flooded with low-quality, mass-produced canned fish, Captain Herb recognized a deep-seated desire for something better—seafood that people could trust for its quality and sustainability. He pioneered the "from my boat to your table" approach, transforming how we think about and consume seafood.

Captain Herb's dedication to using sustainable hook and line fishing methods and his meticulous care for each catch quickly set a new standard. His albacore tuna, fresh off the boat, became a local sensation. The demand surged, and Oregon's Choice Gourmet was born, with a mission to deliver the finest albacore tuna and Chinook salmon to tables like yours, all year round.

A Legacy Continued: Second-Generation Family Ownership

As of January 2020, Oregon's Choice is now proudly a second-generation family-owned company. After 43 years of pioneering sustainable seafood, Captain Herb passed the helm to his daughter, SueAnna Harrison. Under her leadership, Oregon's Choice Gourmet continues to honor its foundational promise: quality over quantity, with a steadfast commitment to sustainable fishing practices that ensure our oceans thrive for future generations.

Each product from Oregon's Choice Gourmet—whether it's our acclaimed Albacore tuna, our prestigious Chinook salmon, or any of our gourmet seafood selections—is a testament to our dedication to excellence and sustainability. We invite you to experience the unmatched taste and nutritional benefits of seafood done right, from a company that cares deeply about its craft, its customers, and the health of our global waters.

Join us in celebrating a heritage of quality and a future of sustainability. Choose Oregon's Choice Gourmet for seafood that's good for you and better for our oceans.

Low in mercury

Low in mercury because we use hook and line at the surface of the water to catch albacore that are 5 years and younger, which limits the amount of time for mercury to accumulate (versus the major brands, who are using nets to catch 15 year old + albacore.) Our fish consistently tests significantly lower in mercury than the grocery store brands.

You can eat as much Oregon tuna as you want without worrying about mercury!

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Best tasting, highest in Omega-3

Best tasting, because we take care in what we catch to preserve quality from the moment the fish is caught. Raw, sashimi-grade albacore is packed in cans in their own natural oils. Major brands cook their fish prior to canning, then add oil or water to the can. This method not only results in inferior taste, but loses the vital Omega-3 fatty acids, the heart healthy good fats. The liquid in the can is the fish oil!

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Wild caught in the USA

Wild caught in the USA from a sustainable fishery and MSC certified. Monterey Bay aquarium seafood watch list Best Choice! All of our products are wild caught (not farmed), using sustainable fishing practices that limit by-catch (so we're only catching what we intend to, and not harming other species) and follow strict guidelines to prevent overfishing.

All of our products are caught and canned in the United States (Oregon and Alaska)!

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