Current Issues & Sustainable Fishing

Pet food that is not only safe, but will give your pet a better quality of life!

When you can't trust whats on your grocery shelf, where do you look for pet food that is safe for your beloved companions?

Our own family is abruptly faced with this question. Between SueAnna and us, we have five cats and two dogs. We have always bought the best wet and dry foods for them.

As the FDA uncovers not only rat poison but a chemical used in plastics in the pet foods we trusted, WHAT DO WE DO NOW?

Does all this sound familiar? A lot of my newest customers found me after the big "mercury in albacore" news of recent years. Our business about doubled once tuna lovers found that our young albacore are not only lowest in mercury but are higher in Omega-3 and health benefits than the "pre-cooked" major brands.

The more major brand foods in the store are tested, the more unhealthy things are found. So now it's in our pets food!

The Story of Maggie

We have an old cattle dog named Maggie living with us here on the Oregon coast.

She's 16 years old now, but a few years ago she was showing signs of arthritis, being an outside dog in our home some years before this. I had experimented with canning some 'scraps', meaning the belly meat shaved from the fillet backbone for our Oregon's choice salmon pack. This pack was tested by a big nutritional supplement company back east for possible pollutants and nutritional value. When they sent the 10 page test report, they told me that my Oregon's Choice ocean-troll Chinook salmon tested higher in health benefits and nutritional value and lower in pollutants than any other salmon from Alaska or Washing state they had previously tested. That's why when a customer asks what's the best we have, I say our Royal Chinook.

So I started feeding Maggie a can a day of these 'scraps' and within a month her coat became glossy and she started running around like a spring pup. She hasn't shown any signs of slowing down since. You can't tell she's an old dog except for the white hair on her muzzle.

Three cans a week with her regular food keeps her looking young.

I told the story to our vet and he said the value of Omega-3 to dogs and cats is well known in his business.

A friend asked for some for his old dog and three months later it was another Maggie story.

I can't say Maggie has lived longer, but there's no doubt her quality of life has improved.

New Healthy, Eco-Friendly Pet Treats

Now that our albacore fishery is Marine Stewardship Council certified as sustainable and eco-friendly, that means our new Oregons Choice Gourmet Albacore Pet Treats are also caught and processed sustainably. (  (

A lot of people dont know about it yet, but were now packing the trimmings from our "people" food albacore in 6 oz can we call Pet Treats.

Basically it is not a balanced diet in a can but a big "jolt" of Omega-3 for your pet.  It has the same favorable benefits that people enjoy.

From my personal experience with our family dogs and cats, it relieves arthritis and makes their coats shine and they really like it.

We use the same nutritional panel because its the same albacore we catch for people.

Try it for your pet, as a supplement to your regular pet food and see for yourself what it does for your pets quality of life.

Pet Food Kills Pets

Once again American consumer confidence is shaken to the core. This time it's our beloved pet's food supply.

Reports are that North America's biggest producer of canned pet food changed suppliers (to China) of major elements of their wet food for pets.

Preliminary reports are that Chinese rat poison in the WHEAT GLUTEN produced in china is the culprit. How it showed up in processed wheat gluten strong enough to cause kidney failure in pets, or why there even is wheat gluten in pet food is a mystery. Do our pets like or even need wheat gluten?

This gives me an idea!

For years we've fed our old border collie Maggie two cans a week of dented Oregon's Choice albacore and salmon we don't sell. She lives outside with the Oregon rain, still loves chasing cars up and down the driveway and shows no signs of arthritis. How about using high quality trimmings from the same fish we use in Oregon's Choice products to create a "pet treats" pack?

My customers already know my Oregon's Choice is the healthiest albacore and salmon (with NO additives) they will find anywhere.

GET READY!! When we start canning our '08 catch of Chinook salmon, albacore and pacific sardines for you, we will start a new "pet treats" pack for your pets. If you want to live longer and healthier because of the good fish you eat, you want the same for your pet companions.

I'll guarantee you this will be pet food that will be GOOD for your pets. The Albacore Pet Treats are already available and watch our website for availability of Sardines and Chinook Pet Treats soon.

Captain Herb