Royal Chinook Salmon Lightly Salted 7.5 oz.

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Experience the Purity of Wild Chinook Salmon

A Good Food Awards Winner!

Harvested from the pristine waters off the Alaskan coast, our salmon boasts a delicate yet rich flavor profile, embodying the essence of the majestic Chinook.

Sourced through sustainable ocean troll methods, each salmon is carefully selected at the peak of its quality, adhering to rigorous environmental standards. Renowned for its vibrant color, tender texture, and high Omega-3 fatty acid content, our Chinook salmon offers both culinary excellence and nutritional benefits.

Our dedication to quality extends to every step of the process. Each salmon is meticulously processed, extra fancy packed without skin or bones, and cooked just once in its natural juices. This preserves the full spectrum of Omega-3s and nutrients, ensuring that every bite delivers the true essence of the ocean’s flavor. The pure omega-3 fish oil accompanying the salmon in each can is a testament to its natural goodness.

Ingredients: Wild Chinook Salmon, sea salt.
No water, oil or preservatives are added.

Extra fancy packed with no skin or bones, cooked only once in its own natural juices to preserve vital Omega 3’s and nutrients. The liquid in the can is the pure fish oil. Nothing is added.

Don’t drain the liquid, it’s pure omega 3 fish oil!

MSC certified. Packed in non-BPA cans.

Cases are 24 cans. Half cases are 12 cans.


Save $6 when you buy a case (24 cans)

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20 reviews for Royal Chinook Salmon Lightly Salted 7.5 oz.

  1. David Duncan

    I came to the company because I wanted to support a company that focused on sustainability. I have reordered many times because the taste is like none other. It costs what it is worth and should cost. Cheaper fish doesn’t reflect the necessary and fair costs for resource conservation and support for domestic workers. If these reasons weren’t enough, you get the bonus that everything they sell TASTES SO GOOD!

  2. crebbert

    I am tempted to leave a one-star review…more salmon for us!

  3. Tom Nguyen

    Fabulous product. Made a great salmon salad with EVOO, capers, herbs and potatoes & Maldon salt. Great!

  4. piggterry

    Only canned salmon I will buy. Always great !


    Excellent — the only canned salmon I will buy.

  6. Dennis Farber

    Best Salmon we have found any where.

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