Albacore Tuna

Gourmet Albacore Tuna No Salt Added 7.5 oz.

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The Pure Taste of Oregon’s Choice Gourmet Albacore Tuna

Experience the exceptional quality and flavor of our Gourmet Albacore Tuna, wild caught off the Oregon coast. Our sustainable hook and line fishing methods ensure freshness and quality while preserving marine ecosystems. Our Oregon Albacore fishery is one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world!

Our Albacore Tuna is cooked once in its natural juices, retaining its Omega-3 content. Young tuna (2-5 years old) from Oregon waters are up to 100x lower in mercury than fish caught overseas, offering a healthier choice for you and your family. You don’t need to worry about mercury when you buy Oregon Albacore.

Certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and packaged in non-BPA cans, our tuna supports sustainable practices. With 3,050 mg of Omega-3 per 100 grams, our Albacore Tuna is a nutritional powerhouse, too.

Our Albacore tuna is caught, processed and canned in Oregon!

Cooked only once in its own natural juices to preserve vital Omega 3’s and nutrients. The liquid in the can is the pure fish oil.

Ingredients: Oregon Albacore tuna packed in its own natural juices.

Albacore No Salt Nutrition Facts

Tested: 3,050 mg Omega 3 per 100 grams.

No water, oil or preservatives are added. No salt added.

MSC certified. Packed in non-BPA cans.

Cases are 24 cans. Half cases are 12 cans.


Save $6 when you buy a case (24 cans)

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45 reviews for Gourmet Albacore Tuna No Salt Added 7.5 oz.

  1. Barbara Stevenson

    I’m not sure how long I’ve been buying Oregon’s Choice but I think it’s close to 20 years. I get the Albacore with no salt (blue can) and once you’ve tried it you’ll never be able to buy grocery store tuna again. It’s not oily or watered down so the flavor is at its peak. Grew up in a fishing village on the east coast so I know what fresh fish is and Oregon’s Choice more than meets my high standards.

  2. Alex graham

    Outstanding. Have enjoyed for years. Keep up the good work.

  3. marianne bragg

    Discovered this years ago when visiting family. I have it shipped and use no other. Arrives quickly after shipped. Also love Chinook Salmon.

  4. Dawn

    My husband and I have been ordering this tuna for 25 years, it’s worth every penny ❤️.

  5. Jerry and Joanne Catalano

    My wife and I will not eat any other tuna–that’s how good it is!!

  6. Mike Wilke

    I have been using the no salt added Albacore tuna for three years and will not consider any other either for my home prepared meals or for meals outside of the home. I am mostly vegetarian and trust no other tuna or salmon. It is Oregon’s Choice or none at all.

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