Albacore Tuna

Gourmet Albacore Tuna No Salt Added 6 oz.

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The Pure Taste of Oregon’s Choice Gourmet Albacore Tuna

Enjoy the exceptional quality and flavor of our Gourmet Albacore Tuna, wild caught off the Oregon coast. Our sustainable hook and line fishing methods ensure freshness and quality while preserving marine ecosystems. Our Oregon Albacore fishery is one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world!

Our Albacore Tuna is cooked once in its natural juices, retaining its Omega-3 content. Young tuna (2-5 years old) from Oregon waters are up to 100x lower in mercury than fish caught overseas, offering a healthier choice for you and your family. You don’t need to worry about mercury when you buy Oregon Albacore.

Certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and packaged in non-BPA cans, our tuna supports sustainable practices. With 3,050 mg of Omega-3 per 100 grams, our Albacore Tuna is a nutritional powerhouse, too.

Our Albacore tuna is caught, processed and canned in Oregon!

Cooked only once in its own natural juices to preserve vital Omega 3’s and nutrients. The liquid in the can is the pure fish oil.

Ingredients: Oregon Albacore tuna packed in its own natural juices.

No Salt Albacore Nutrition Facts

No water, oil or preservatives are added.

MSC certified. Packed in non-BPA cans.

Cases are 24 cans. Half cases are 12 cans.


Save $6 when you buy a case (24 cans)

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11 reviews for Gourmet Albacore Tuna No Salt Added 6 oz.

  1. Bob

    The only canned tuna my wife and I eat and have done so for at least 15 yrs

  2. Annette DiMichele

    I was originally given a can of the No-salt tuna to try, my husband loved it. My husband is on dialysis he has to be very careful with salt & other additives. This No-salt tuna is perfect along with being the best we ever had, we both love it. Now my husband lets me know when we are getting low, to remind me to order .Excellent product, Next order Ill have to try your-salt tuna pouches, sound convenient for a quick work lunch. Thank you

  3. David Duncan

    I came to the company because I wanted to support a company that focused on sustainability. I have reordered many times because the taste is like none other. It costs what it is worth and should cost. Cheaper tuna doesn’t reflect the necessary and fair costs for resource conservation and support for domestic workers. If these reasons weren’t enough, you get the bonus that everything they sell TASTES SO GOOD!

  4. Jerry Catalano

    The best tuna my wife and I have evert eaten. We will no longer eat tuna if it isn’t from Oregon’s Choice Gourmet.

  5. Jerry Catalano

    Gourmet Albacore Tuna, No Salt, 6oz, Can is the best tuna I have ever tasted. I refuse to eat any other tuna. I will only order from Oregon’s Choice Choice because of their excellent service, their quality product, and their excellent shipping. A great company with an extraordinarily terrific product. Jerry and Joanne Catalano

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