Albacore Tuna

Gourmet Albacore Tuna No Salt Added 7.5 oz.

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This fresh caught Albacore tuna from the rich Pacific waters off Oregon is caught sustainably using hook and line, hand-filleted, then cooked only once to preserve its own natural juices (Omega-3’s) during canning.

Our handling and canning methods give you the most nutritionally delicious and finest quality tuna you’ve ever eaten.

West coast Albacore tuna are significantly LOWER IN MERCURY and higher in Omega 3’s than the large longline fish used in other brands.

You’ll be rewarded with the freshest tasting tuna available!

Ingredients: West coast Albacore tuna packed in its own natural juices.

Albacore No Salt Nutrition Facts

Tested: 3,050 mg Omega 3 per 100 grams.

No water, oil or preservatives are added. No salt added.

MSC certified. Packed in non-BPA cans.

Cases are 24 cans. Half cases are 12 cans.


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22 reviews for Gourmet Albacore Tuna No Salt Added 7.5 oz.

  1. Patricia Hulsey

    We have to give this product a rating of 5 stars out of 5. It is the best tuna we have ever consumed. Much better flavor than the name brands like Starkist.

  2. Jerry Catalano

    This product is the best tuna my wife and I have ever eaten. There are no superlatives to match the incredible taste of this tuna; moreover, we are restricted to a no-salt diet and this is just perfect for us. Thank you, Oregon’s Choice Gourmet.

  3. Robert Mann

    I am on a low-sodium diet by choice, and only eat the best quality food available. I love tuna, and have been buying ONLY Oregon’s Choice Gourmet Albacore for over ten years. It is absolutely THE BEST. I have never been disappointed.

  4. Vicki Ramsey

    My family and I love this tuna. It’s full of flavor and body as well as it is always moist and cooks up nice for grilled cheese and tuna sandwiches. We discovered this a couple years ago and haven’t been disappointed yet! It always arrives superfast when I order too! Thank you!!!

  5. Patricia Totten

    It is just clean solid tuna, not the mushy stuff most people don’t like. When my nephew dog sat for us, he apologized for eating so much of our tuna. He was genuinely surprised with the superb quality.

  6. helen budlong

    Really great tasting tuna.

  7. Michael Kass

    A neighbor brought this product to my attention a number of years ago, and I have been a faithful consumer ever since. This is wonderful tuna and I eat it regularly, with joy!

  8. Stacy Weaver

    Best tuna out there!!! I have shared a can or two with friends and family. They all seemed surprised of the quality and taste until I explain this is not mass fishing like some other known brands. Thank you for keeping responsible fishing alive! Customer for life!

  9. Katie Morgan

    A good friend recommended Oregon Choice to me 6 years ago and I haven’t purchased any other brand of tuna since. The flavor is excellent and I feel good about purchasing healthy and sustainable seafood products from the Pacific NW. I was fortunate to get in on some crab also and it makes the best crab salads and crab cakes. Thank you!

  10. Stefanie Angeli

    I have been a customer for over 10+ years. The service and quality is the best on the planet. My family will not eat any other kind of Tuna! Oh and we live in NJ. Thank you!

  11. Carolyn Siegel

    I’ve been buying the no-salt albacore tuna for years. It is so delicious, and I like that it is lower in mercury.

  12. Steve B

    This is the best tuna ever! We enjoy the tuna salad with a little avocado and some sprouts in a seaweed wrap.

  13. Sharon Sasaki

    This is the best canned tuna that I’ve ever had! My family loves it and we won’t buy or eat anything else. Thank you for your sustainable fishing practices and for all of your wonderful and delicious products!

  14. Diana Hall

    We have only Used Oregon’s Choice No-Salt Canned Tuna for years! It is just like fresh, always the tastiest! Love the fact that it is not salted so we can add seasonings based on our preferences. The best for tuna salads and tuna sandwiches and tuna casserole.

  15. Karen Moy

    Best canned tuna. This is the good stuff. Thank-you for producing such a high quality product. Since we discovered it we haven’t bought any other kind. Except for our cats.

  16. Carol Snipper

    By far the best tuna I’ve ever eaten. We’ve been buying this tuna since about 1972,when my parents lived in Walport, Oregon. I buy no other!

  17. Steve Melching

    This tuna taste so much better than store bought.

  18. Peter Luciano

    I use your no salt added albacore, then I can spice it up how I like. Our favorite dish is a tuna salad with chopped garlic, olive oil, capers, eggs, celery, mustard, mayo, fresh ground pepper, and a few other secret ingredients that make the dish anything but your ordinary tuna salad. But having fresh tuna is essential! Thank you so much!!

  19. Richard Hulsey

    There is simply nothing better out there. I have been totally satisfied for many years. If I could give a rating higher than 5 stars I would do it.

  20. Lucas Haley

    This is simply the best tuna. I don’t live in the US any more, and Oregon’s Choice tuna is in the top three things I miss about living there.

  21. Charles Godfrey

    I have been ordering Oregon’s choice tune for several years. It is absolutely the best tune you can buy. I trust this brand.

  22. David Jacobs

    I have been enjoying the clean taste of this Tuna for many year since a some-one sent me a case many years ago. I have never been unhappy yet!

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