Albacore Tuna

Gourmet Albacore Tuna Lightly Salted 7.5 oz.

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Good Food Awards Finalist 2022!

This fresh caught Albacore tuna from the rich Pacific waters off Oregon is caught sustainably using hook and line, hand-filleted, then cooked only once to preserve its own natural juices (Omega-3’s) during canning.

Our handling and canning methods give you the most nutritionally delicious and finest quality tuna you’ve ever eaten.

West coast Albacore tuna are significantly LOWER IN MERCURY and higher in Omega 3’s than the large longline fish used in other brands.

You’ll be rewarded with the freshest tasting tuna available!

Ingredients: West coast Albacore tuna packed in its own natural juices, sea salt.

Albacore Tuna Lightly Salted Nutrition Facts

Tested: 3,050 mg Omega 3 per 100 grams.

No water, oil or preservatives are added.

MSC certified. Packed in non-BPA cans.

Cases are 24 cans. Half cases are 12 cans.


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35 reviews for Gourmet Albacore Tuna Lightly Salted 7.5 oz.

  1. Yvette Heath

    This tuna is so much better than what grocery stores carry!


    we have been customers practically since inception
    It still hold its own as the very best natural canned seafood on the market.;
    juicy and succulent it tops all –and we have tried most all of them.. ——Jerry and Donna

  3. M Ruth Sharp

    The very best tuna. I’ll try something else once in a while and always come back to Oregon’s Choice.

  4. Shelley Stewart

    This tuna is delicious, healthy, and very versatile. Moist and flavorful it works great for sandwiches, salads, burgers, pasta, etc. It is definitely a staple in my pantry for quick, tasty meals!

  5. Ricki Rosen

    Oregon’s Choice Gourmet Albacore is the only tuna you will find in our home…..and it’s been this way for many years. As a former dental office employee, I am very aware of the damage from mercury and this tuna has been tested one of the lowest in the industry. Delicious and so moist with nothing added but a small amount of salt. YUM……..thanks Oregon’s Choice for continuing to offer outstanding products.

  6. Tim Carney

    The Gourmet Albacore Tuna lightly salted is hands down the best tasting tuna ever! Always so tender, delicious & moist. Have been ordering it for almost 10 years and will continue to do so as the quality never disappoints. Thanks Oregon’s Choice!!

  7. Gail Kendall

    Love this tuna by taste, but especially because it is rated lower in mercury than most store brands – also, especially, that it is packed in its own juices. First order being accustomed to store bought tuna, I squeezed out all the “water” & gave it to my cat. No wonder he scarfed it! Next order I actually read the insert, imagine that!, so never again do I waste that wonder tasty juice! I share a little with the cat but leaving most of the juice means I need less mayo or olive oil, depending upon recipe. Thumbs up! We’ve been faithful buyers for several years now. Tuna & salmon our favorites. (No bones in the salmon!)

  8. Janice Brinkerhoff

    The only canned tuna I’ll eat, delicious! Fell in love with it when living in Oregon and I’ll keep ordering it until I die or we kill the ocean to the point that the tuna dies…just saying


    I’m addicted to your tuna, and love it mixed with chopped sweet onion, finely chopped celery, lots of lemon juice and real mayonnaise. Love it on Russian Rye bread or on crackers.

  10. Richard Santee

    Over the last three years we have ordered tuna from your company. It is so superior to anything we can find in our local market, that it would be nearly impossible to stop ordering from you. We love tuna fish–my wife makes the best tuna salad sandwiches you can imagine. Not only do we make sandwiches from it, we also put it on our lettuce salads. Your tuna fish is our primary source of fish and so please, keep up the good work. Richard and Dianne

  11. Karen Ziros-Smith

    I haven’t bought Store tuna in years! This tuna tastes so fresh! My sister who lives in PA had some when visiting us and Now also orders directly from your company. I wouldn’t buy any other brand!

  12. galenp

    This tuna has low levels of heavy metals, which was important to my family. It is some of the healthiest stuff out there — and has excellent taste, as well. Highly recommended.

  13. patricia green

    All products I’ve ordered are fabulous! I don’t eat any other brands of seafood.


    We became dedicated loyal customers years ago with a tour of the canning plant at Tillamook, led by the then owner, Jimmy. He opened a can and gave my wife and I each a fork and we ate it while walking through the plant. There continues to be no rival to this great treat.


    We became dedicated consumers during a tour of the canning plant, led by “Jimmy”, the owner, many years ago. He handed my wife and i an opened can of albacore and two forks and we ate it while he led us around the plant. He was a kick in the pants and the tuna is still beyond comparison.

  16. inclave23

    Please don’t tell anyone about this tuna,

    because I want more for myself. Just opening this site again is making me hungry!

  17. Glenn Still

    I was introduced to your tuna by my wife’s cousin in Oregon. The absolute best tuna I have ever had. You cannot buy this tuna in any store.

  18. Peter Luciano

    We love your tuna! I get the 7.5 oz can size by the case and usually make tuna salads, sometimes casseroles. Best albacore tuna in a can I’ve ever had!

  19. hawaiibead

    Unlike the mush you get from mass marketed tuna cans, when you open this can all you see is gorgeous huge chunks of healthy fish packed in oil. I’m looking forward to trying the other items that Oregon’s Choice has to offer.

  20. Robert Wood

    We just keep coming back to this product. Nothing else out there beats the taste and quality. Keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

  21. dorothy williams

    Gourmet albacore tuna is the best. We will never buy grocery store brands again.

  22. Tammy Morris

    Gourmet Albacore Tuna, lightly salted is a staple in our pantry. Always fresh tasting, not too salty, and great plain!

  23. Richard Shepard

    After I started buying this tuna I could not go back to the big brands sold in supermarkets. The taste of Oregon’s Choice tuna is far superior to the other brands. Highly recommended.

  24. AA

    Great tasting tuna (with a good texture) that is locally caught and processed and has lower mercury levels than store-bought brands. I never buy canned tuna from the grocery store anymore.

  25. chrisfitzgerald7

    This is the best tuna we have ever purchased. Delicious and Oregon’s Choice has the best customer service.

  26. mariannedoesgerman

    Unbelievably tasty tuna! Each can is so tuna-solid, you get a lot of tuna for your money. I make my mother’s recipe apple-tuna salad. Chop an apple, mix with tuna and mayo. Chill. Delicious and nutritious.

  27. annette saltzberg

    The tuna tastes totally different from the brands purchased at the supermarket.I use this in a salad or for the best sandwiches. I have been ordering this tuna for several years and delivery is immediate. Lower Mercury levels is an added bonus.

  28. Frank Spencer

    Seriously the best canned tuna I’ve had. Packed in its own juices, tender, not over salted, and no tough pieces or bruised meat. Hot, cold, prepared, or right from the can. My dog begs more for Oregon’s Choice than steak…

  29. Katie Morgan

    I’ve been purchasing this tuna for 7 years and it is the only tuna in my pantry. Excellent flavor and great for all the recipes I have tried.

  30. Margaret

    Great quality and taste. Love it

  31. Elizabeth Benoist

    I’ve been buying this tuna fir probably 15 years. Open the can, rinse and serve. Who needs a recipe? Delish!

  32. ssturges

    This is the only gift I can reliably give to my mother-in-law who is health-conscious and loves tasty foods. I so appreciate the sustainable way this product is caught and prepared.

  33. Nikola Garber

    I’ve been buying this tuna (and salmon) for the past 20 years! It makes a great gift. As well, it’s so good, all one needs is a can opener and a fork. I’ve been known to just open a can and make this my lunch!

  34. Maggie Smith

    Consistently delicious! My in-laws gave us this tuna for a Christmas gift years ago, and we’ve been ordering it ever since!

  35. Joseph Cartaxo

    The best tuna I ever had. After trying this tuna I can’t buy grocery store tuna anymore.

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