Why should you buy our fish?

It is important to know that Pacific troll caught Albacore come from a sustainable fishery. The fish are harvested using hook and line methods that result in little or no bycatch. No nets are used in this dolphin-free fishery that targets surface-feeding fish from abundant stocks.

There are many sites selling fish on the web. Nearly all of them buy their fish for resale from other fishermen. Not all fishermen handle their fish with the same care. For instance, albacore swim at 87 degrees F body temperature and must be quickly chilled when caught to below 40 degrees F to prevent histamine poisoning and decomposition. Too many fishermen don’t know or don’t care how to take proper care of their fish.

You can tell when you open a can. The consistency of quality starts when the fish is removed from the water.

Many people have told me they’ve tried many of the other private labels and mine is consistently the best. That is plain to me because we know the pedigree of every fish we catch. It’s not a “production” boat. My crew is trained to handle each fish in ten steps. (Take a look at our fishing methods to see the steps my crew takes for salmon and albacore.) Every fish is individually treated the same. If we can find a way to improve our quality – we apply it.

So many people tell me once they try our canned fish, they just can’t go back to the major brands.

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