I’m concerned about fallout from the Japanese tsunami.

The information we have about albacore tuna caught in Oregon is that it is safe to eat. NOAA, EPA, and FDA have been monitoring seafood since the nuclear meltdown. Radiation does not last long in the water, and the tuna were expected to be far off shore at the time of the meltdown. There was radiation linked to this event found in Bluefin tuna (we do not can Bluefin, only Albacore tuna), however, the amounts found at very low levels, and were within FDA approval.

This is a link to the NOAA-FDA-EPA fact sheet, and also to the NOAA Seafood Inspection website.

Another site with helpful information that is frequently updated is NOAA’s Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris website. http://marinedebris.noaa.gov/tsunamidebris/.

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