Some of Our Favorite Testimonials

Below, you'll find the reviews of what many people around the world already know about our fish–that its the best tasting, most nutritious and most consistent seafood available in the market today. You won't find better canned tuna or canned salmon anywhere.

Oregon Choice Seafood
Thank you! Julie

Hi there, I just wanted to send a "thank you" note! I discovered your amazing tuna at the Trans Rockies Race in Colorado- it was the first thing I grabbed after finishing each day. I was happy to find OREGON CHOICE available at NEW SEASONS MARKET here in Portland, OR. Anyway - thanks for being a sponsor at a grassroots trail running race - I'm a new customer of yours and a big fan!

Good job! Connie

I first discovered your products at AJ's in Scottsdale and now yours is the only canned fish I eat. I have also introduced several friends to your products and everyone agrees your products are the best canned fish on the market.

Tuna Troller
From: Paul

I just completed my first order from you. Twelve years ago today I ate my last meat. No critters of any kind. Your tuna seems to be the only product that I will eat. I am looking forward to receiving the shipment. I will order many more.

Oregon Choice Seafood
From: Linda E.

As an Oregon coast native (4th generation!) We have had your tuna for several years...found at a "Oregon" products fair years ago!...have turned many others on to it and still it is the BEST around...the only thing close to my Mothers "home" canned tuna! Thank you a million times for giving us REEL tuna!

Dungeness Crab
Hank G.

My brother Joe visited with Herb and brought me back a case of salmon and tuna. What a treat. I won't buy any other now.

Thanks again, Debbie

I have to tell you, I had a tuna fish sandwich today and it was the best tuna I have ever eaten. I had gotten to the point that I wouldn't even buy that stuff at the grocery store. We are landlocked in Colorado and don't get good seafood. I couldn't be more pleased with your products and our little Beagle loves the pet treats.

From: Christine G.

Thank you for my recent order. I must say, the tuna is excellent! I had to open a can as soon as I received them and my cats went nuts over the juice in the can! I'm so glad I found your website. It is so different than the mass produced canned tuna and tastes so much like a fresh tuna steak.

From: susan

We are fans of your tuna and crab. My husband would never eat tuna before tasting Oregon's Choice.Thank you! Hope you and your family are doing well.

Oregons Choice Gourmet Fishing Vessel
With appreciation, Jane Boulder, CO.

We are seafood lovers and connoisseurs. We adore smoked fish and always have a good supply of canned fish in our home. I have tried MANY companies in the US and Europe, and only from very few would I reorder. In our experience, most canned smoked fish is without texture and is tasteless. We were so delighted when we tried your canned smoked sturgeon and smoked albacore. "WOW!" said my husband. "Both are delicious!" A week later we tried the canned smoked oysters and we were bowled over! Incredible! We have tried approx. 12 different companies smoked oysters and would never purchase again. Your smoked oysters are the BEST we have ever tasted. Thank you for your diligent products methods, care and delicious products. They are a "saving grace" for land locked people in Colorado.

Meg S.

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your tuna. I would eat tuna every day of my life, but one must diversify their diet (alas) just like their portfolio! I have ordered other brands off the internet from the Northwest (I live in north Ca)but yours beats everyone's by far! Bumble Bee Prime Fillet has nothing on you guys! Keep fishing you guys, help make me healthier!

Dungeness Crab
From: David J.

Purchased two cans of your gourmet albacore at New Seasons----best tuna I have eaten. Appreciate your informative website and the care taken to provide such a quality product. We also like to support "local" (Oregon) products.

Joyce and Larry, Portland

Just a short note thanking you for your "great" produce. We shop at New Seasons and picked up a can of your tuna - So Capt Herb "That's what canned tuna is supposed to taste like". Pardon the pun. You got us hooked!

Margaret, Olympia, WA

I just opened my case of tuna yesterday and found the can of salmon. I ate the whole thing and loved it. Next time I get tuna I will get half and half. As a child my father owned a grocery store and many a day I would go by after school and get me a can of Alaskan sockeye and go home and eat the whole thing. Yummie! Thanks so much.


I am always looking for ways to eat more Omega 3 oils. I know fish is an easy way of getting it. But with all the news about horrible fishing techniques and mercury concerns I have stopped eating it. But this product addresses all of those concerns plus it is unbelievably good. I am so thankful to have found this site.

Crab Boat
From: Steve O.

Hello, I received my half case of albacore tuna yesterday, took a can for lunch today, best tuna I've ever had! Nothing on it, just opened the can and enjoyed. Very fine product!!!

Mark and Sharon P.S. Our cats Bijou and Fonce' are fans as well!

We've never really mentioned how impressed we are with the quality of your tuna. Well, for many years we've been sticklers (so, we thought) for only the finest canned tuna money could buy (Albacore via the supermarket, we presumed). I hit on a brand that I though was quite good in "Polar" as it had no additives and was good consistent quality (we love tuna added to a high-quality frozen pizza or on a fresh greens salad). At some point. the local grocers quit carrying the Polar brand (good thing for you and especially for us). While your tuna is expensive, we consider it well worth the price to have a high quality, low mercury, line-caught source of fish readily available in our cupboard. It's best as a snack food straight from the can! Thanks for being there and keep on fishin'

P.S. Our cats Bijou and Fonce' are fans as well!

Thank you, Sonja

I never liked canned tuna - thought it quite nasty actually. Then one day a few years ago while I was living in Corvallis, I had the opportunity to try your tuna...and I was completely bowled over. So THAT'S what it's supposed to taste like!! It's the most delicious canned ANYTHING I have had! I have been longing for some ever since, but thought I wouldn't have the opportunity for some, as I now live in far northern Canada. Thank goodness for the internet and your online ordering - I will be getting some for my Christmas entertaining. People aren't going to believe it when I serve it! I'm so pleased that you are continuing to fish the way you do and that you are able to make a living providing such wonderful products to those of us lucky enough to find you!

Gourmet Canned Seafood Online
This is indeed special! From: Marilyn S.

To be quite frank: I am not accustomed to such excellent follow-through. I admire your honesty and integrity that I have observed through our telephone call and emails in the last 48 hours. How refreshing to do business with you folks! I am an extremely happy and truly brand spanking new Oregon's Choice customer being treated like an old time consumer. This is indeed special!

Salmon Troller
Franceen Hill

"Albacore boats are from 38 to 100 feet long and have a crew of two to three fishermen:

The larger vessels cap range hundreds of miles offshore

And a trip can last for a month or more.

The catch on these vessels is fresh-frozen at sea.

Albacore usually arrives in the summer, you see.

With the warm current from Japan and leave in the fall

But water conditions influence the weather for all.

And, when they appear off the Oregon coast

Albacore prefer a water temperature of 58 to 64 degrees, at the most".

Oregon Choice Seafood
From: Jane Morrison

I just want to say that I recently purchased 12 cans of albacore from you. It is definitely the best tuna I have ever had. I am so pleased. I decided that I would rather eat less, but better, tuna, and I can't imagine going back to the grocery store stuff. I can't wait to try some of your other offerings.

Albacore Tuna
From: Tex H

Just read the above testimonials and agree 100%. Was down about 5 years ago and picked up 5 cases for my family and neighbors and no doubt it`s the best. Did my own canning but the trip down and meeting you folks ended that. Also enjoyed enjoyed the Elk trophy and the trail cam pics from over east. Thank you and Take care it was a great visit.

Oregon Choice Seafood
Lois K.

This is the best canned tuna I've ever had in my life. Almost as good as my homemade. I made a wonderful tempenade for dinner last night and the tuna was light and not fishy. Thanks the hard and sometimes dangerous work it takes to bring this quality food to my table.

From: Donna S

Thank you for your quick delivery of my 12 cans of albacore tuna. I was so excited to receive it...and it was about lunch time...so...I had a tuna sandwich! I was ecstatic to find that the tuna in it was REAL. There was no liquid to speak of, just ALL firm, white meat. I could not squeeze the lid down like most grocery store brands. And it was delicious. I wondered how mom got so many sandwiches out of a can of tuna. Now I know. This is the same as when I was a kid. It may cost a bit more, but not when you figure how much more solid meat there is in a can and how many cans of other brands I've just thrown out without eating them. Thank you again for a quality product! I am so excited!!!

From: Jennifer L

Last year we went on vacation to Washington and Oregon. While visiting family in Oregon we stopped at a fish vender right next to the ocean. My husband and I picked up some smoked salmon and a can of tune. Well I opened it today a full year later and made the most amazing surprise in that it was one WHOLE piece of tuna! Not only did it smell so fresh but it came in its own oils. I had to immediately look at the can to see if we could order more, to my amazement we can! So you have just won over a very long distant customer, we are from Minnesota. Thank you so very much for putting your heart and soul into your product it definitely shows!

Chinook Biting

Thank you for the lightning-fast delivery of my order! The Albacore is amazing, so flavorful, moist and satisfying. I had it with just a little fresh lime juice - utterly delicious! I will be shaing with my coworkers and family, so be prepared for many more orders! PS, many thanks for the pet treats, my dogs were wild about the flavors!

Thank you From: James

In an other life we used to can our own Albacore, but things have changed over the years. Moving to Wisc. from Calf. was the major change. No Albacore in Wisc. so we tried several custom canners over the years with mixed results. When we found you people we knew we had found what we were looking for. You are head and shoulders over the others. Super quality is the reason we keep coming back.

From: Michael T

I have been on this planet for over 58 years now and have eaten a lot of tuna fish salad sandwiches. I recently purchased a can of your tuna (the deciding factor was the statement on the can packed "in it's own natural juices") I have to say your tuna fish stands out noticeably among all I've ever tasted, and if I didn't have to clean off my can opener, I wouldn't believe it came from a can. Good work.

Best regards, Beverly Toledo

Hi there, Just a note to tell you how much we enjoy and count on your delicious albacore tuna. I have given it as gifts so many times I've lost count and it is a staple in our pantry. My favorite go to is a Mediterranean Salad with one large can of tuna, one can of cannellini beans rinsed and one jar of giardiniera drained. I toss with 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil, a little lemon juice and serve on a bed of lettuce with an optional garnish of a few slices of avocado. It's quick, easy and serves 4. Thank you for your delicious albacore!

Oregon Choice Seafood
Thanks , Marc Longo

We just got an awesome gift of your premium tuna from my sister Michele. My wife was literally kissing the cans as all we get here on the east coast is mush. Keep up the good work as its a supreme product. Please forward to all involved. Thanks , Marc Longo

Oregon Choice Gourmet
Thanks. From: t. malone

Your tuna is a terrific product. I had been searching for tuna with lower mercury for my family. Your product is everything you said it would be a more. The flavor is clean and delicious. My 5 year-old is delighted. Tuna is his favorite sandwich and I had all but given up on eating much of it anymore. Worth every cent.

Our best wishes. From: Lynn and Linda

Good morning, Captain Goblirsch. What a rich man you are to have your beautiful family sharing your life including your productive profession. Thank you for introducing me to Oregon's Choice Albacore. I would like to order periodic shipments. Some trip to Oregon it would be fun to meet you and your family. We are trying one of your casserole recipes this weekend.

We've been buying your tuna for about 8 or 9 years. It has us spoiled. Store bought tuna is chum or should be used as such!! So glad that your company is going to be around for many more years and stay in the family.

Oregon Choice Seafood
Baker City Bella!! Oct/Nov 2003 Newsletter, OR

I first discovered Herb Goblirsch's albacore tuna in a wonderful little wine shop in Nye Beach.I Called him up as soon as I got home and have been selling cases of his delicious tuna ever since! Capt. Herb catches the fish, filets it and cans it in it's own juices and then sells it directly, no middle man, and no corporate pricing schemes! He's credited with pioneering the idea from my boat to your table which has spawned an industry of micro-canneries in Oregon- seems we do many things smaller and therefore better in this lovely state! Bella stocks line caught Italian tuna also. It is packed in olive oil and is divine in a Tuscan Bean Salad but the Oregon tuna (no oil!) tastes fresher and is a better value!

Take Care. Lori

Hi, just wanted to let you how much we have enjoyed our first can of tuna today. When I opened it up you could see that it actually looked good. And the taste was so good, no after taste to deal with. And it didn't give us an upset stomach like the others had been doing. Anyway thank you for a great product.


Send asap please. All my friends can no longer eat any other tuna. ...We are truly spoiled now. Thank you for continued quality control.

Gourmet Canned Seafood Online
M. Putnam

We've always loved tuna, but yours is the very very best we've ever had! We'll never eat anything else from now on!! I'm even sending a case to college with my son! Thanks for a great product!

L. Bosworth

GREAT product! Can't get GOOD tuna in Texas! After living in Portland, I'm so spoiled by really good fresh fish and great canned tuna! Thanks for making and keeping your standards HIGH!


Thank you for making the best salmon and tuna ever!!!

Oregon Choice Seafood
R. Jordan

This is a gift to my parents. We just got our first shipment and are so impressed we want to share it with both sets of parents! Thank you for such a great product!

D. Minkoff, MD

Dear Oregon's Choice,
A while ago we spoke on the phone and you were kind enough to send me some samples of your products. I think they are great and have written an article promoting them on my newsletter. This goes out to about 12,000 athletes. Just wanted to let you know, happy new year.

Thanks. Marc

Hi --I just finished my first can of your tuna and had to write you to say it's the best tuna I've ever had in my life! I'm very finicky and very health-conscious, and really appreciate your product for its amazing quality, taste, and healthfulness. I can't believe how white and clean the fish is.

Kind Regards, Mark Motz, OH.

Hello. Just dropping a line to say how much I love your products. A friend brought me some from CA. and I was astonished at the fork tender firmness and subtle, fresh taste and oceanic aroma of your product, almost as complex as a French wine. Outstanding.

From: A. Elwell, Vermont

First sampled your canned fish while visiting my son in Texas. He learned about your fish from his wife's uncle in Texas who frequently visits Oregon on business and came home with a sample pack. This year I sent your sample pack to my brother and his wife for Christmas and they absolutely loved it. They will be placing orders for themselves and their family members. I will be ordering, as well. Thank you for offering such quality products.

Oregon Choice Seafood
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Rebecca Khan

I live in chicago and over Thanksgiving I was in Greensburg, PA visiting family. I always shop at health food stores and went to one there, where I found your tuna. It is the most awesome tuna I have ever eaten. I am still dreaming about it today and cannot wait to get more. I wrote down the phone number from the can and called immediately when I got home to find out where I can get this fabulous product. I will be telling everyone about your tuna. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Hi there,

My wife has been making herself a lot of tuna dishes recently and had been complaining about the quality of mass market canned tuna (Bumble Bee and Starkist).  I remembered years ago buying high-end tuna from Lazio.  They're apparently not in the tuna business anymore, but googling "gourmet tuna" gave me your website.  The per can price is a lot higher than the supermarket brands, but I wanted her to have something better, so I ordered a half-case.  It arrived very promptly, so thumbs up to your shipping people. 

Today she opened the first can and I got this text at work:

The tuna is amazing! It's just one huge filet with almost no moisture. Beautiful cut of tuna. The taste is not salty and very meaty.

So she's happy with the product, but was still expressing doubts over price.  To the casual observer it misleadingly appears that a can of Oregon's Choice albacore is over four times the price of supermarket brands.  Being kind of a numbers geek, I did the math for her.

A can of Starkist solid white albacore in water is about a buck and half around here, plus sales tax (yes, our state charges sales tax on food).  The label says 5oz, but I happen to know that the federally mandated standard minimum fill on that product is 3.23oz, the rest being water.  Assuming Starkist has straightened out its fills after the recent class action, and the cans do contain the minimum fill, that means the actual fish in the can costs about 48 cents an ounce.  The same math on your 6oz all-tuna can comes to $1.04/oz; barely more than double, instead of 4x.  Yes, it still costs more, but the higher quality (and lower mercury!) is definitely worth it.  It will probably take us a while to go through 12 6oz cans of tuna, but when we do you can definitely expect reorders. 

I'll bet you wish every potential customer would run the numbers this way. 



From: Judy and Laura

Hi Herb and Ginny: Beautiful website. Appreciate the info by Michael re mercury in tuna--my son, Eric, is the chef at the Duncan Law Seafood Center in Astoria--Michael is his boss. My daughter, Laura, and I are getting our pesos together to order Albacore, Chinook and also, this year, we are adding crab. Can hardly wait--we've been out of our last order for a month! Take care, you guys, you are doing wonderful work.


Thank you. I have not had tuna in 20 years because of the nets and I am looking forward to eating it again.


I will look up a couple of my favorite tuna recipes to send you. Everything tastes fabulously different when I use your tuna in my recipes.

Albacore Tuna
Sincerely, Jean

I have never in my 66 years of living tasted tuna such as yours.

from: Donna

I am so happy to find you on the net!! I buy fancy white albacore from the markets here in Florida where we winter, but it is even difficut to open the can and even smell the tuna anymore. I use to squeeze fresh lemon over it and wait a period of time, but that doesn't even help anymore. I already know that yours will be wonderful! I have sent e-mails off to my family so that they may order too if they wish. It's also great to see your young family working with their parents! Thank you and may God bless you everyday with a bountiful catch!!

Salmon Troller
from RS.

Thank you for shipping them so quickly. Taste test comfirmed real tuna compared to what we've been having.

Oregon Choice Seafood
Thanks, Marc

Hi---I just finished my first can of your tuna and had to write you to say it's the best tuna I've ever had in my life! I'm very finicky and very health-conscious, and really appreciate your product for its amazing quality, taste, and healthfulness. I can't believe how white and clean the fish is.


Hi Captain Herb, I received the tuna and chinook salmon and have now tried them both. These will be our new staples (used to buy from a fish company in Santa Cruz, but their business was "too fishy," i.e., they shipped me 26 damaged cans and wanted me to pay for them!). I eat the fish like you do - I ALWAYS leave all the wonderful oil in (it's so good for you, and so satisfying). Sometimes I lay the salmon on top of steamed vegetables, at the very end, and then spritz with just a hint of Bragg (although I've been know to eat it straight from the can when I really need a high quality protein snack). With the tuna, I also use it in dishes, but it's my favorite for layering on a whole wheat tortilla with a few pieces of fresh spinich (or black kale)and then topping with "Spicy Red Pepper Miso Mayo" (from the health food store). Thanks so much for being in business!

Faithful Customer Forever, Helen

Hi Captain Herb and Family, Your tuna is by far the best I have ever had. I've tried them all and nothing can compare to the quality and taste of your tuna. I gave my husband 2 cases of your tuna for Christmas (yes, seriously) and he was absolutely thrilled. I can't and I won't eat any other tuna than yours.

Gourmet Canned Seafood Online
From: Heather

I have never liked tuna until I tried Oregon's Choice. It is not like any other tuna that I have had. It is now to the point that when ever I crack the can open, my cat comes running from were ever she may be sleeping. I will never buy anything other than Oregon's Choice.....

Warm Regards, Kirk

It's great to see a product consistent with all claims. You do indeed hold the highest regard for product quality and customer satisfaction. My mom recently visited from LA and is quite the seafood aficionado when it comes to high quality crab meat. She is spoiled by great blue crab down there, but thanks to you she has tasted a fine example of your coast's great crab-- The Dungeness!! Best canned crab she's ever tasted!!

From: Denise B.

I recently purchased your albacore at New Season's Market in Portland. It's wonderful. Most other tuna sold there is from Thailand, so it's great to be able to support a local company and to reduce the shipping toll from catch to table. I will continue to purchase your tuna because it tastes yummy AND because you practice sustainable harvesting methods.