Current Issues

Oregons Choice Albacore Tuna Fishery Earns Marine Stewardship Councils Eco-Friendly Certification

In August of 2007, our albacore tuna fishery was certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (council), an international nonprofit that promotes responsible fishing practices. This is the first tuna fishery in the world to be certified sustainable by the council and our fishing vessel, F/V EZC, is just one of 26 vessels worldwide certified to deliver this product for consumers. This is a highly recognized international standard.

Council certification is based on an evaluation of the health of fish stocks, the impact on the ecosystem and the effectiveness of fisheries management. An outside auditor carries out the analysis. The council says it provides the only eco-label consistent with U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization guidelines for fisheries certification.

In April of 2008, our family albacore tuna fishing boat, F/V EZC, joined a small association of 23 other family boats, the American Albacore Fishermens Association (AAFA) in receiving certification from the council for the albacore we catch. We are also undergoing the chain of custody certification so that our cans of Oregons Choice Gourmet Albacore can carry the MSC label.

Some of our other products come from certified or in the process of becoming certified as sustainable fisheries by the council. Our Oregon pink shrimp fishery earned the MSC certification in 2007 and our Oregon Dungeness Crab fishery is in the process of becoming certified.

Our Albacore tuna, Oregon pink shrimp and Oregon Dungeness crab are all rated as best choices on the Monterey Bay Aquariums Seafood Watch list.

When I started canning some of my catch 28 years ago, I picked a big name for my label. Oregon represents a favorable image in the minds of Americans as a place of pristine waters, where we clean up pollution and have a progressive attitude about our place on this earth. Choice means we have some of the best Oregon has to offer - a big name with a big future.